Harry Potter House Points Counter Dispenser Unboxed

Harry Potter™ House Points Counter Dispenser 140g

SKU: WHP86191
Brand New-Just in!! An enchanting Harry Potter House Points Counter Dispenser.

One chute for each Hogworts House, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor & Ravenclaw.
Includes sound; press the button and the Sorting Hat will tell you what Hogworts House you belong to.
Chutes are gravity fed - just pull the lever.
When filled will hold 566g beans (not included)

Normally this dispenser comes EMPTY with a single 28g mixed bag and no battery however, as a Jelly Belly UK INTRO SPECIAL we'll bundle this bad boy with additional 28g starter packs of each of the four House colour jelly beans AND a CR2032 battery required to run the Sorting Hat to get the fun started!
This will most certainly become a collectors item and will cast a spell over all Harry Potter fans. 

Ix Counter Dispenser (empty)
1x28g Harry Potter original Good Flavour jelly beans bag (not shown)
each  28g starter packs Jelly Belly beans - Blueberry, Green Apple, Lemon and Very Cherry bags (not shown)
1xCR2032 coin battery (not shown)
WARNING! Keep battery out of reach of children. Swallowing may lead to serious illness in as little as 2 hours due to chemical burns. If swallowed seek immediate medical help. Keep in original packaging until ready to use and dispose of used batteries promptly.
Do not recharge, disassemble short circuit or dispose of in fire.
Instructions for use: Insert +/- correctly.


Gluten Free
Gelatine Free
Dairy Free
Fat Free
Peanut Free
Certified OU Kosher


Harry Potter 10 Good Flavour Mix: Sugar, glucose syrup, modified cornstarch, blueberry puree, acidity regulators (E296, E325, E330, E334), flavourings, banana puree, lemon puree, glazing agents (E901, E903, E904), fruit and vegetable concentrates (spirulina, carrot, black currant, apple, purple carrot, pumpkin, hibiscus), watermelon juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, cherry juice concentrate, colours (E100, E150a, E162).

Starter Packs:
Blueberry: Sugar, glucose syrup, modified cornstarch, blueberry puree, plant concentrate (spirulina), acidity regulator (E330),
flavouring, glazing agents (E901, E903, E904), colour (E171).
Green Apple: Sugar, glucose syrup, modified cornstarch, apple juice concentrate, acidity regulator (E330), glazing agents (E901, E903, E904), plant concentrate (spirulina), flavouring, colours (E100, E171).
Lemon: Sugar, glucose  syrup, modified cornstarch, lemon puree, acidity regulators (E325, E330), flavouring, glazing agents (E901, E903, E904), fruit- and plant concentrates (apple, pumpkin), colours (E100, E171).
Cherry: Sugar, glucose syrup, modified cornstarch, cherry juice concentrate, acidity regulator (E330), fruit- and plant concentrates (apple, black currant, carrot), flavouring, glazing agents (E901, E903, E904), colours (E100, E171)

Nutritional Facts

Jelly Belly Beans

Nutrition InformationTypical value per 100 g
Fat0 g
of which Saturates0 g
Carbohydrates90 g
of which Sugars67 g
Protein0 g
Salt 0.02 g