Strawberry Iced


Unless you’ve been  imprisoned in a fortress  for the last few years, you’ll know about the explosion of love and interest in Donuts.  Pretty well every country in the world has its own little version and the flavours and glazes are now completely out of hand.  One could say quite Do-nutty. Anything goes. And PINK has emerged as the associated colour  - no doubt with the intention of appealing to the girl in all of us who finds donuts impossible to resist.  Donuts have also become a wedding centrepiece.  Instead of the bride and groom cutting gran’s fruit cake, it’s a wall of donuts.  That’s right, individual donuts are lined up and pinned on a wall - as many as possible.  Guests stand in front of it, take a selfie and pick a donut.  It’s not obligatory, but pink is the dominant colour. With a nod to that the Jelly Belly Candy Co  has created Strawberry Iced Donut Jelly Belly. Just so you know, it  is exquisite  in every way.  Strawberries are always a taste explosion waiting to happen and when mixed with the rapture of Jelly Belly pure and perfect ingredients,  the drip, drip of paradise becomes real.    This is another I want-it-to-last-forever Jelly Belly experience which is in sharp contrast to the dough donut which is wolfed down in seconds leaving you unsatisfied and 450 calories down. Pick a jewel instead. A Jelly Belly Strawberry Iced Donut jelly bean. It’s waiting for you on cloud nine.

Outstanding October!

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