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Sour Grape

Discreetly Noble

Sour Grapes get a lot of stick.   You can just imagine.    The other beans  (and maybe you) think, that because sour grapes is also an expression of  resentment, that Sour Grapes  jelly bean have a bit of a chip on their shoulder.   Nothing could be further from the truth.       The thing about grapes as any wine connoisseur will tell you, is that they reside in the motherland of flavour.  There are over 10,000 varieties of wine that are made from grapes and each one has its own individual flavour.   This incredibly versatile  and valuable fruit really has no taste boundaries.    So marvel at the  wonder of the Sour Grape jelly bean.    This jolt of a razor sharp, quick, authentic tartness makes it a very serious bean indeed.    If this is your favourite flavour you may be a foodie, inquisitive and not easily impressed.   Not so much sour, as noble! 


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