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Sour Apple

SOUR APPLE Outrageously Delicious
The Sour Apple jelly bean had to be green, not red  because of the 7,000  plus varieties of apples worldwide it is the green ones that have the sharpest flavour.   The sweet, softer apples are mostly red or pink or yellow.   If Sour Apple is your favourite Jelly Belly bean you are very possibly an Apple Anorak (AA) and  relentlessly chase down all apple tastes and flavours    Generally speaking  you are a straightforward and confident  person, though perhaps a tad compulsive.  However, you do play a crucial  role in society by maintaining a close interest on all apple matters.  You keep the world honest about apples.   You won’t tolerate short cuts or compromises.  It is this kind of perfectionism that creates the outrageously delicious Sour Apple Jelly Belly jelly bean. Bravo!


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