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Well Trained Taste buds

Limes are sweeter than lemons but not as sweet as oranges, nectarines and tangerines.  A lot of people haven’t a clue about what to do with limes which is why they often sit around until they’re as hard as bullets and nearly ready to be thrown out.   At which point they are hastily chopped up next to a bland fish dish, in the hope of adding a touch of class.     It’s a terrible waste of a lime.   They have a wonderfully succulent and unique flavour, full of excitement.  The bite in lime, and the tangy refreshment can enliven the most jaded palate.   If  Lime is your favourite Jelly Belly flavour you’re sophisticated and subtle. You know your own mind and have excellent, well trained taste buds.   Or you watch a lot of TV cookery programmes.    That'll do it.




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