Dutch settlers to the USA in the early 1700s bought with them a delicacy of "sweetened cake fried in (wait for it) hog fat”.  Called olykoeks  or even less appetising in translation oily cakes, these  graced the best tables in town for 100 years until an unknown New York socialite, probably offended by the gruesomeness  of oily cakes, came up with  Doughnuts to the exact same recipe. This stuck and everyone screamed for Doughnuts until a guy who opened a shop  to sell them in the Upper East Side, decided to spell it Donuts because he thought it would be easier for foreigners to pronounce.  So there you have it, although they are still called Doughnuts in the UK. The basic donut is still sweet dough dipped in fat, delicious and very fattening.  Jelly Belly Candy Co has created its Donut Shoppe to include 5 scrumptious varieties for those of you who want to revel in the taste and flavour of these adorable, wicked cakes but Do-Nut want tight jeans and acne (geddit?)   Glazed Donut hits all the right notes. You can taste the texture as well as the flavour of the yeasty dough, the dark sugar and even a hint of what just might be creamy butter. As the additional layer of sweet glaze lodges into your senses, you know that  In every way, this is a superior Donut experience. One of many

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