Chocolate Glazed


It is a  well-known fact that the minute chocolate is added to anything – anything -  it becomes the dominant flavour.  The genius of Jelly Belly is that it is able to combine flavours of equal importance without letting one overwhelm the other.  And so it is with Chocolate Glazed Donut Jelly Belly. This  really is the holy grail of flavour bliss and can only be achieved by a very special, talented and skilled candy maker.  First off you are soaked in the taste of chocolate.  Not any old chocolate – this is a jelly bean after all – but a distinct and warm melt-in-the-mouth ecstasy.  Obviously you’ll let it quietly seep into your consciousness, undisturbed by chewing for at least 3 minutes.  Maybe longer.  Then the flavour gives way to …. cake.  There’s no question about it.  Your instinct may be  to suck a little harder on this but  whether you resist it or not, the Chocolate Glazed Donut Jelly Belly jelly bean is a 5 minute experience. Totally satisfying.  Just 5 calories. This isn’t a choice, it’s a command to common sense and good taste.    

Outstanding October!

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