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BeanBoozled® Vomit


Vomit (Barf) is vile.  No getting away from it.    We all know what it tastes like and there isn’t a single good experience associated with it.    Not one.   But here we are, dealing with the downside of life and exploring the horizons of disgusting tastes and without vomit, well there quite simply wouldn’t be a viable game of BeanBoozled.   The sheer nastiness of it makes its inclusion essential. If you are unlucky enough not to pick the Peach Jelly Belly jelly bean think quick and thick positive:  the Vomit bean can be spat out in a flash, the taste can be drowned with a glass of sparkling water, there isn’t a single after effect, you didn’t have to get food poisoning, horrendously drunk or  have a mega migraine to taste it.  Plus you gave everyone a laugh with your over reaction. 



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