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BeanBoozled® Baby Wipes


Baby Wipes have rather specific associations that mostly, we’d rather not contemplate, so actually it is one of the most meancing beans in the pack.   This dreadful manipulation causes our mind to race right  ahead of the game. While it is praying for Coconut it is reaching into a world that reeks of humiliation (we were once a baby) and revulsion (don’t go there).   In fact, Baby Wipes is not THAT bad.   Not a first choice but not the worst either.


Mix it up May!

Bag two 70g packets of Jelly Belly beans absolutely free with basket orders of £30 & over.
Packs will be randomly picked from any one of the popular assortments shown.

Offer is valid during May 2019.
Don't forget to use Code MAYMIX at checkout.

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