Apple Filled


There are over 7,000 different varieties of apples and pretty well everyone loves at least 20 of them.  Its recognisably distinct and wonderful taste transports brilliantly into jelly beans and Green Apple is far and away the most popular Jelly Belly jelly bean flavour throughout the world. Except for a couple years when Buttered Popcorn edged marginally ahead in the Jelly Belly Top Ten Flavours, Green Apple has always worn the crown. It’ll be interesting to see if Apple Filled Donut jelly bean upsets the apple cart (sorry).  It just could. This is an extraordinarily delicious jelly bean. The instant you smell the sweet fruit taste you know you are in the zone. And it lasts and lasts! The spicy highlights are so  compelling you beg for more, but in a nano second the cinnamon gives way to  a  sharp mass of agitation which is quite wonderful. The blogger sphere is packed full of Apple Donuts of the conventional kind and in an effort to create a health element, there are those actually decorating slices of apples with Donut glaze. That sort of thing. It’s a complete waste of time. You’ll get all the knowledge of apple that you need from Jelly Belly Apple Filled Donut jelly bean. You’ll get the taste, the froth, the effervescence and the joy.   Go for it!   We know you will. 

Outstanding October!

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