Pretty fairy cakes, decorated with Jelly Belly daisies and flowers made from Jelly belly beans are an easy to make and a  delicious treat for Mother's Day.    14 cup cakes

You will need:

Mixing bowl
Electric whisk
Bun baking tin 14 fairy cake cases

For the cakes:
125g softened butter or baking margarine
25g caster sugar

2 eggs - beaten
125g self raising flour – or plain flour with a tsp of baking powder added pinch salt
1 – 2 tbs milk

Cream the butter and sugar together with a hand held mixer or in your stand mixer. Add the eggs together with a tablespoon of the flour and beat well. Sieve the flour, baking powder and salt and fold into the batter. Line a bun tin with fairy cake cases. Fill each case 2/3 full with batter and bake at 190C or  GM 5 for about 12 - 14 minutes. The cup cakes are done when risen and springy. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.  Serve with Love.


Lemon Cupcakes – add the finely grated zest of one lemon

Chocolate Cupcakes – replace 1tbs of the flour with cocoa powder

For the Buttercream - this quantity will be enough to pipe the frosting onto the cakes, if you are going to spread the frosting you can reduce the amounts by a third.

100g softened butter 200g icing sugar Green food colouring 1 – 2 tbs milk

The secret to fluffy buttercream is to beat the butter really well before you add any sugar. Place the butter in a bowl and beat with an electric hand mixer until soft and fluffy. Slowly add the icing sugar beating as you go. Add the milk to loosen the mixture. Add the food colouring a few drops at a time until the frosting is the colour you require. You can also make your buttercream in a food processor, again beat the butter well before adding the icing sugar, milk and colouring.


Pipe or spread the buttercream onto each cake. To make the centre of the daisy push 3 yellow (lemon) Jelly Belly beans upright into the centre of each cake. Surround them with a circle of 10 or 11 white (coconut) Jelly Belly beans to make the petals.

Why not try making a whole bouquet of flowers using different coloured beans?

Recipe, styling and photography by Helen Best-Shaw, Fuss Free Flavours for Jelly Belly UK