1. A Family Creating Candy since1869

    Our Heritage 1869

    Gustav Goelitz, 24, opens a candy business in Belleville, Illinois, and sets the family on its sweet destiny. That's him in front with his foot on the barrel.

  2. Gustav & Family1894

    Our Heritage 1894

    Gustav's sons continue the family candy making tradition.

  3. candy corn and butter creams1898

    Our Heritage 1898

    The second generation of the Goelitz can making speciliazes in Candy Corn and "Royal Buttercreams."

  4. Mint Wafers1940

    Our Heritage 1940

    Although sugar rationing during World War II limits candy production, the company introduces Mint Wafers

  5. The First Jelly Beans1960

    Our Heritage 1960

    The third and fourth generation descendants of Gustav Goelitz, cook up candies such as tangerine slices, spice drops and jelly beans.

  6. Flavour Breakthrough1965

    Our Heritage 1965

    A flavour breakthrough is made when the Mini Jelly Beans are infused with flavour in the centre.

  7. Reagan discovers Jelly Beans1966

    Our Heritage 1966

    Goelitz Mini Jelly Beans are discovered by California Governor Ronald Reagan. "We can hardly start a meeting or make a decision without passing a jar of jelly beans." he wrote in a letter to the company in 1973.

  8. Chocolate Dutch Mints1973

    Our Heritage 1973

    Chocolate Dutch Mints are introduced. A creamy mint centre is drenched in dark chocolate and finished in a crisp candy shell. A classic confection.

  9. The first 8 Bean Flavours1976

    Our Heritage 1976

    The breakthrough recipe of the Mini Jelly Bean inspired the first eight flavours of Jelly Belly Beans: Root Beer, Green Apple, Licorice, Cream Soda, Lemon, Tangerine, Very Cherry, and Grape.

  10. 1980's

    Our Heritage 1980's

    More Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors are developed, pushing the flavor horizons with an ever growing range.

  11. 1980

    Our Heritage 1980

    The world discovers President Ronald Reagan eats Jelly Belly beans. About 2.5 tons were shipped to Washington, D.C., for his 1981 inauguration celebrations.

  12. 1981-1988

    Our Heritage 1981-1988

    "You can tell a lot about a fella's character by whether he picks out all of one color or just grabs a handful." - President Reagan on Jelly Belly beans.

  13. 1983

    Our Heritage 1983

    Mr. Jelly Belly, a lovable candy character, makes his first public appearance - and it is love at first sight.

  14. 1986

    Our Heritage 1986

    New company headquarters are built in Fairfield, Calif., and free public tours begin soon after.

  15. 1989

    Our Heritage 1989

    Buttered Popcorn flavor of Jelly Belly bean is introduced, the world's first "savory" jelly bean flavor. (It is now among the most popular flavors.)

  16. 1993

    Our Heritage 1993

    Jelly Belly Sours are introduced, a novelty at the time that has since become an enduring favorite.

  17. 1996

    Our Heritage 1996

    The ultimate sign of good taste - The Jelly Belly name is stamped on every jelly bean.

  18. 2000

    Our Heritage 2000

    Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans ® inspired by the Harry Potter series are brought to life by the company's candy makers in wild flavors like Dirt, Bacon and Spinach.

  19. 2001

    Our Heritage 2001

    The Company, known for four generations by the family name Goelitz, is renamed Jelly Belly Candy Company and continues to make more than 100 fine confections.

  20. 2005

    Our Heritage 2005

    Sport Beans® debut. A sports performance jelly bean that provides carb replenishment for athletes.

  21. 2007

    Our Heritage 2007

    BeanBoozled is introduced.

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